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Halls High Color Guard

Halls High Color Guard


This course is designed to help students develop their skills as performers on both traditional color guard equipment as well as basic and intermediate dance skills. By allowing the guard to rehearse daily without the band, the students in the Color Guard have the opportunity to address and improve those issues specific to their unique performance demands.  This is a competitive, performance-based course and will require students to participate in after-school and/or evening rehearsals, various weekly performances, and weekend competitions.


Topics/Competencies/Skills Covered
Technical Development on Equipment
  • Flag (including hand flag work)
  • Rifle
  • Sabre
Dance Development
  • Dance Basics
  • Dance in tandem with equipment
  • Intermediate dance skills
Movement Skills
  • Proper posture and equipment carriage
  • Basic fundamental marching training
Physical/Aerobic Responsibilities
  • Physically demanding rehearsals
  • Physically demanding performance expectations